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Christmas Things to Do, See, Hear!

We always read certain books, watch certain movies and listen to certain sounds during Christmas -we’re simple like that. I’m sure you have your own favorites but maybe you’ll find a new one or two in our list of tried and true (with a few newbies thrown in).


A Christmas Carol – there are several renditions available
The Muppet’s Christmas – classic Henson Dickens
A fun bunny trail… BBC intro to Charles Dickens
Silent Night– the story of German and American Soldiers during WWII, caught in a cabin together on Christmas Eve. The reforming power of one.
The Nativity Story– I love how this film shows the humanity, and faithfulness, of the Holy Family; beautifully done.
The Star of Bethlehem- there is scholarly debate on whether Herod dies in 1B.C. as the author of this states, or 3-4 B.C., which is the more widely held belief, which would skew the conclusions of the author. With that in mind, this is a fascinating look at The Star of Bethlehem and the “terrible, beautiful poetry” of the Bible.
A White Chritmas– Singing and dancing by some of the greats (Crosby, Kaye and Cloony). What’s not to love?
It’s  a Wonderful Life- a great reminder that the things we do faithfully count far more than we can ever know.
Miracle on 34th Street – Cynicism gives way to Hope; and the guy gets the girl in the end.
The Santa Claus Trilogy. Quotable, cheesy and full of lots of laughs; good, clean fun.
A Charlie Brown Christmas – Cub and Flower are still in their Peanuts phase and Sam’s had CB specials for just dollars a piece. Happy smiles for pennies. Sold.
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever– I haven’t seen it yet- (it’s on hold at the library) but I love the story.
The Nutcracker. We’ve gone to several live performances of The Nutcracker around the country. A lot of fun to see live, but catch it on DVD if you can’t fit in a live performance.

Books and Short Stories & Biblical Accounts

The Biblical Account of Jesus’ Birth: Luke 2:1- 20 (NKJV). Make it a seasonal tradition to read it out loud together.
Isaiah 9:1-6, The Promised Son
Mary’s Magnificat: Luke 1:46-55
The 24 Days Before Christmas by Madeline L’Engle; an Austen family advent story. On hold at the library. I haven’t read this yet, but as you know, I adore L’Engle.
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by  by Barbara Robinson. Young and old gathered in the living room today for laugh out loud fun and a reminder of what Christmas is all about.
The Gift of the Magi, by O.Henry- a sweet short story about sacrificial love.
Christmas Short Stories by Louisa May Alcott from the author of Little Women.
Home for Christmas, The Wild Christmas Reindeer, Who’s That Knocking on Christmas Eve by Jan Brett. I’ve been a long time fan of Brett’s artwork. Simply lovely, with sweet stories to go with. You are never too old for a good kid’s book, eh?
Take Joy: the Tasha Tudor Christmas Book by Tasha Tudor. More lovely art-work and all things Christmas
A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Read the classic.


The Messiah by Handel. I was in an award winning choir in high school and we performed The Messiah. It’s one of my favorite pieces of music and a must have for Christmas.
A Charlie Brown Christmas– another classic must-have (thanks to our friends Laura and Bruce- we are still listening after all these years!), makes me happy every time I turn it on.
It’s Called Christmas by Go Fish. Lot’s of FUN!
And of course, all of the best, old hymns….

Lastly, a very simple craft we are going to do: Snowman magnets.
A lovely paper nativity to print and color at Paper City.
but if you can’t get enough, check out the Nester’s Christmas Craft Party.
paper snowflakes (cause the blizzard yesterday blew the 2″ that fell away!)

In the past we’ve celebrated Advent by having an advent basket filled with small gifts, cocoa, candy canes, small crafts, a CD or a small book  and each evening we’d have a devotion, open a gift and have family time.

We’ve also created a Gingerbread House (from a kit- I am cookie baking challenged) for years. I wonder what it will look like done by 2 non-crafter (they are both keenly artistic, just not crafters- kwim?) teenish boys and a little girl? My guess is the boys will eat the candy, abandon the task and tell Flower how great it looks when she’s done.

What are your go-to Christmas activities?

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