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“The love of a mother is the veil of a softer light between the heart and the heavenly Father.” Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Mother’s Day is coming right up!  Below is a crazy quilt collection of amazing Mommas who lived, worked and raised children in the last couple hundred years of societal and technological change. It is by no means definitive and reflects my own reading and areas of interest. But if you are looking for some inspiring Mommas to read about and learn from, this is a good basic list to get you started.

Queen Victoria

The longest reigning British monarch and the longest reigning female in history, beloved wife of Albert and mother of 9. She is called “The Grandmother of Europe.” The Young Victoria and Victoria & Albert are both delightful movies about an intriguing monarch who did not give up motherhood, despite her position as a world leader.

Lillian Gilbreth

The original Cheaper by the Dozen Momma. Along with her husband Frank, she co-founded the Cognitive Psych program at Purdue University, author, efficiency expert, and mother of 12, all of whom went to Ivy Leagues. She combined engineering, psychology, and motherhood and was the first American engineer to synthesize scientific management and psychology. You’ll laugh out loud reading Cheaper by the Dozen and Belles on Their Toes. The 1950’s film version of the books is also delightful!

Ruth Bell Graham

Missionary, author, wife, a vital component of Billy Graham’s evangelistic ministry, mother of 5. Her headstone reads, in Chinese “Righteous” (her parents were missionaries with the China Inland Mission, where she spent her childhood). To add to your reading list: “Ruth, A Portrait.

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Barbara Bush

Wife of a governor, CIA Director and president, mother of a president, mother of 2 U.S. Governors, literacy advocate, Momma of six and witty author, Barbara Bush saw a lot of the world.  George W was asked once what arguments with his mother were like. He replied, “You don’t argue with Barbara.” Check out “Barbara Bush, A Memoir.”

Dorothy Sayers

Her life as a Mom was difficult and challenging; isn’t everyone’s, at some point or another? She did the best for her son, despite great personal sacrifice and went on to legitimize the murder mystery genre through her Lord Peter Wimsey book series, which is you haven’t read, you must. Start with “Clouds of Witness.” As as a way of introduction to Dorothy’s deep faith and great intellect, read “The Gospel in Dorothy Sayers.”

Harriet Tubman

Born into slavery, she escaped at age 27 and over the course of her life, helped lead over 70 others to freedom. She became a spy for the Union army and helped free over 700 slaves during a raid. She and her husband adopted a baby girl name, “Gertie.” Check out the book, Harriet Tubman, Imagining a Life by Lowry and the T.V. mini-series, “A Woman Called Moses.”

Marie Curie

Not only the first women to win a noble prize, she is one of the few people to win two Noble Peace Prizes in her lifetime (the first of which she shared with her husband) for her groundbreaking work in Chemistry (903, 1911) After her husband’s untimely death, she continued her work in Science while raising her two daughters. Her daughter, Irene, went on to win a Nobel Prize in Chemistry, along with her husband, as well! Check out the movie: Marie Curie: Courage of Knowledge and the Book, Radioactive: A Book of love and fallout by Redniss.

I’ve love to hear who your favorite Mom is- besides your own, of course!

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How do you celebrate that special mom in your life?  At True North Homeschool Academy, we know that Motherhood is a high calling so check out this posts to see some of our favorite mothers.  #TNHA #Mother'sDay #homeschoolingc

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