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Discovering C.S. Lewis

I discovered C.S. Lewis (affectionately referred to as Jack) years ago as a college Senior. I started with the Chronicles of Narnia. I’ve always been a reader who delves into a body of work, and then branching out to read about the author. The problem with C.S. Lewis’s work is that it takes time to mull, think, integrate, re-read and mull some more over   My speed reading pace was slowed by deep thoughts and truths that C.S. Lewis demanded I pay attention to.  After beloved Narnia, I branched out and discovered the Space Trilogy, Till We Have Faces, and The Great Divorce; some of my favorite books to date.


Book mentors have held me in good stead in life and I have several. None can replace Jack however, and our family quotes and refers to his work often. Besides reading his books, we’ve read biographies about his life and watched movies about his books and the man himself. Jack has been a mentor and a friend to me, though I have lived in a different time and place, expanding my understanding of what it means to live life well.

Literary Mentors

If you don’t have Literary Mentors of your own, I highly suggest it. These are people whose writings have influenced and shaped your way of thinking and interacting with the world. They may or may not be your contemporary, but you  can engage with them via their writing. When I find an author I really enjoy, I tend to read their body of work. I often go well beyond that, reading about the author themselves, finding out about the time and place that shaped and formed them and their literary skill. Some of mine have been C.S. Lewis, Dorothy Sayers, and even Dr. Suess.

C.S.Lewis Club

If you can’t get enough of C.S. Lewis, why not join Amber Fonseca for a fantastic adventure this fall as she facilitates our C.S. Lewis club! She’ll be leading students (8th grade and up!) through the reading of both Surprised by Joy and Pilgrim’s Regress. If you haven’t yet discovered these two gems (or even if you have!), you won’t want to miss the opportunity and learning that comes from interacting with challenging text and ideas in a group setting! Blended Learning is a fantastic way to create a more rich and engaged Homeschool high-school experience!

Join our FB Group for a discount on Clubs! Check out more great on-line classes and opportunities!

This club is designed to be a 1/2 credit +.



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