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Sacred Sanity – A Busy Mom’s Guide to Survival

If you are reading this, I will assume you are like me…A momma trying to figure it all out, a busy mom. A mom wanting to rip the capital “S” off your chest, so you can just BE.  Amongst all of the to-do lists and responsibilities, you just want peace and sanity. I’m sure you have lessons to plan and teach, meetings to attend, errands to run, meals to cook, date night, gym time, Dr.’s appointments, cuddles to give, blogs to write, reports to finish, bathrooms to clean…The list could go on for days! It’s exhausting reading it all!

I get it! As we speak, I am multi-tasking. Armed with my noise-canceling headphones, I attempt to write this blog uninterrupted. Unrealistic, I know. I still can hear the whines of my daughter; I get asked for a snack 100 times and have to break up fights. Saturdays are supposed to be a day off. For me, Saturday is MY business/studying workday. The problem, however, is my other responsibilities don’t cease. So, how do I manage? How do I find balance between all on my growing lists? How do I keep my sanity sacred, so I don’t burn out and yell at everyone due to my stress? These are on-going questions running through my mind on a daily basis. And I’m sure you too in moments of silence have similar questions.

After a season of extreme burnout and anxiety, I embarked on a journey to figure out how to homeschool, grow my business, and manage my home without losing my sanity.

Here is what I have discovered to keep my sanity:

  1. My Sanity is Sacred: If I am not at peace and in a healthy place mentally, emotionally, or physically…everyone suffers. If we put ourselves 1st and fill our cups intentionally every day, we can pour out to our jobs, businesses, children, spouses, and homes from an overflow. Then, we will not be empty by days end. So, find your source(s) and fill up.
  2. I MUST Ask or Pay for Help: I let go of the idea that it is only my responsibility to manage everything in my home. It is just not possible; Not every day. I made room in my budget for someone to come clean my main living area and bathrooms. I also increased the kids cleaning responsibilities. Doing so made room and time for more creativity in my lessons and also my business plans. Why? Because for many of us, cleanliness=clarity & creativity. Putting my oldest two boys in a drop-off Tutorial that meets 2x’s per week gave me some much needed time for quiet, cleaning, work, or even to shop.
  3. Take Deep Breaths: Oftentimes, we go through each day shallow breathing. I recently began implementing several “breath breaks.” Every hour or so, I take at least three deep breaths. It is amazing how this simple act can bring calm, clarity, and gratitude. Slowing down in this way can give us perspective and guide us appropriately through our daily decisions, whether career-related or personal.
  4. Set specific priorities: For me, home comes first, then business and career goals. I prioritize my goals within each of those categories and focus on 3-5 at a time; per season. For me, my capacity is limited, and I am ok with that. With a small list, I can operate at a level of excellence without feeling overwhelmed or burned out.
  5. Stay in my Lane: I do my best not to compare. This requires I frequently disconnect from social media. Comparison oftentimes keeps us “grinding” to the point of severe burnout and exhaustion. Find your flow and operate in it. Don’t worry about how much everyone else can get done in a day with ten kids on their hip. That may be great for them, but detrimental to you and your family. Every family has a natural flow or rhythm that leaves room for everyone to thrive. Figure out what works and stay there.

 While this is my personal list for keeping my sanity sacred as a busy mom, I hope you can glean some helpful nuggets to implement so you can grow successfully both at home and professionally.

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Ashley Gilbert is a Certified Life and Recovery Coach and the founder of I Can.  She is passionate about creating dynamic classroom and one-on-one coaching experiences to promote self-awareness, freedom, and empowerment for women. Her unique twist on dance and movement classes help women walk in confidence and self-love…beyond the dance floor. Ashley and her husband are also co-founders of Ground Zero, where she serves as a women’s addiction Recovery Coach. Most recently, she authored a book called “Real Women on the Journey.” With all she does professionally, Ashley’s first priority, however, is to her family. Being best friend and wifey to her husband of 12 years, and homeschooling her three amazing children.
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