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Judeo-Christian Principals: we are people of the book. Courses and teachers are Word driven and Word inspired. We are committed to these values.


Our team consists of experienced educators dedicated to bringing quality academics and their passion for the subject to each class.


Our quality online homeschool classes utilize current educational trends, while at the same time adhering to time tested academic pedagogy.


We believe that education is the transmission of culture. Our vision for our online homeschool classes includes course material and master teachers that reflect that vision.


Education is serious business, but there is joy to be found in conquering difficult tasks. Our goal is to assist each student in reaching their potential while nurturing a love of learning.


Ministry and military families are eligible to apply for a discount to our classes. Call or email for more information. A portion of all sales from this website goes to the ministry of  Blessing Bethlehem. 


Experience, Education, Vision.

Real Experiences. Real Relationships.

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