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Blended Learning is every savvy homeschoolers secret weapon. Blended learning is a homeschool wave of the future, which I hope you are taking advantage of!

What exactly IS blended learning?

  • Digitally delivered course work
  • Experienced in real time
  • On-going interaction between student and instructor

Live on-line classes. Boy- howdy! This means that you can take advantage of someone’s expertise from a different time zone, culture, place and language. The world, is literally, at your fingertips!

We are taking advantage of this amazing opportunity at True North Homeschool Academy. Our Hebrew teacher and Hebrew History, Conversation and Culture teacher is a Rabbi, editor and actor, who lives in Israel with his wife and kids. Our Latin I and Classics teacher is a Classics major, who is also working towards a Master’s degree in the upper Midwest. Our Spanish teacher lives in Tex-Mex country, along with one of our English teachers and our Math teachers reside in two different states, both of them working in the tech industry. I could go on, but you get the idea; these are exciting times!

Homeschooling has always been possible anywhere, anytime, but being able to access quality classes from any subject area at the push of a button hasn’t always been so easy.

Some might say the cost is too high. But don’t think for a moment that sending your kids to public school exempts you from shelling out money, think again.  I’ve heard about crazy fees and supply lists that add up quickly regardless of if your kid attends public or private school; not to mention the plethora of fund raisers kids are expected to participate in. Let’s face it, (and this coming from the never pay full price queen), education costs either time or money and oftentimes both.

But, seriously, let’s break down the cost so that we can be clear about what you are getting. A live on-line class, with an expert and dedicated teacher at True North Homeschool Academy, tests, assessment and final grade costs $330. That’s 32 weeks of Dedication for $10.31 per week.

For the cost of 2 Starbucks a week you can have quality instruction taking place in the privacy of your home, for literally pennies on the private tutoring dollar (believe me, I know of what I speak- a few years ago I was paying $45 per hour for high school level math tutoring and hoping each week that the tutor actually showed up)!

In my economy, a weekly 60 minute class- taught by a teacher that KNOWS their subject matter. The first law of teacher, y’all, is that the teacher knows their material, and while I’m not disparaging local co-ops, we’ve had our fair share of Chemistry classes among other things “taught” by moms, such as myself, that know literally nothing about chemistry.

Furthermore, our classes are small, which means personalized attention. We have, literally, decades of experience in the homeschool world, which means that no matter what circumstance you are coming from, we’ve probably already encountered it.

$10.31 per hour class. That’s not just a good deal. That’s a great deal!



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