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Doing an after-action review on last year’s homeschooling might be the last thing on your mind. After all, school’s out for summer! We had a great year, learned a ton, read the best books, and wrote some amazing papers – commence summer schedule, baby!

But before you move on from this year, after-action your homeschool year. If you do, I promise it will save you time, money, and frustration!

What is it?

What is an After Action Review? It’s a structured de-briefing to analyze what happened, why it happened, and how it can be improved for the future.

Personally, I believe that after-actioning our homeschooling year can put our hearts and minds at ease, re-focus our energy and resources and help us be intentional as we plan and prepare for what’s ahead. This type of review allows us to objectively let go of things, activities, curriculum, and even schedules that did not work and embrace what did work. As a result, we can move ahead with confidence!

After Action: Assessment

  •  Homeschooling curriculum, activities, events, clubs and more- what all worked?
  •  What didn’t work in your homeschooling life this past year- curriculum, events, activities, clubs, challenges, etc.


  • Mom evaluation: did the curriculum work for you? Did you love it, like it, tolerate it, hate it? Did you enjoy using it?
  • Kid evaluation: did the curriculum work for the kids? Did you love it, like it, tolerate it, hate it? Did you enjoy using it?
  • Avoidance evaluation: What curriculum did you all avoid; was there anything that did not get used regularly enough to be beneficial?
  • Super star wins: curriculum that you all loved and couldn’t wait to get to? Double down on that!

Extra Curriculars

  • Time investment
  • Travel investment
  • Expense
  • Too rigorous or Not rigorous enough?
  • How did they fit into overall goals?
  • Was social interaction challenging, healthy and beneficial?

Assess Co-ops, on-line classes and other outsourced programs:

  • Double check your expectations compared to what the program delivered.
  • You invested time, money, planning and effort to participate; was  it beneficial enough to continue?

Determine what you will continue and what will you change/ get rid of:

  • Programs
  • Events
  • Activities
  • Sports

Sort and Organize

  • Papers
  • Notebooks
  • Curriculum
  • Books
  • DVD’s

If it was completed: donate, sell or compost it. If you are keeping it, clean it up and put it back on the bookshelves. Want to keep those sweet memories? Make a scrapbook for a fun summer activity! Remember to go through clothes, shoes, and winter gear while you are at it. The kids grew at the speed of sound this year!

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Teacher Training 

As you after-action, think through areas that you need more training or encouragement in and strategize how you’ll get the training that you need.

Also, determine an area you want to build your own copiousness in this year and make a plan for actually doing it. Nothing keeps homeschooling as exciting as knowing that you’ll all be learning and wrestling together through materials, gaining skills and knowledge! Don’t forget to add in some fun and a break from your regularly scheduled programming so that you are refreshed and ready for what’s next! Looking for awesome community and fellowship? Join our Mom’s Membership. You will benefit from support and three LIVE and interactive events online each week!

Look Ahead 

Assess what you need to have an amazing next year:

  • Make a list of curriculum
  • Supplies
  • Clubs
  • Extra Curriculars
  • Camps & Workshops
  • Events

Start with a solid Personalized Learning Plan you’ve created yourself or work with one of our qualified Academic Advisors to create your next amazing school year. Check out the Survive Homeschooling Highschool ebook, full of information about credits, transcripts and electives, charts and helpful information about testing, and more!

After-actioning can give you a great sense of accomplishment for all that you’ve done this past school year and set you up for stellar success in the future as well as a relaxing summer!