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Pronunciation /adˈvɛntəs/noun
1.Roman History – ceremonial entry and reception of an emperor, pope, king, or other ruler or religious leader, into a city, town, institution, etc.
2. historical The arrival of the first Anglo-Saxon settlers in post-Roman Britain.
Mid 19th century. From classical Latin, adventus approach, arrival.


It’s almost time. Time for the reflection, anticipation, and celebration that mark this special season. Time to remember the first coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ — who humbled himself, became human and walked among those he had come to rescue. Time to look ahead to his second coming — because, let’s face it, this world is so ready for a repeat. And time to rejoice in his continued presence with us while we await his return.
I love incorporating new advent ideas into our family celebration each year.
Some of the things we’ve done as our children have grown from toddlers to teens include:
  • Decorating a Jesus and Me tree, hanging a new advent-related ornament (with an attached Bible verse) each day.
  • Unveiling a new daily piece of a Playmobil nativity scene, placing Jesus in the manger on Christmas morning.
  • Creating an advent calendar with alternating daily acts of kindness and special outings.
  • Including readings and assigned listening to sections of Handel’s Messiah from Cindy Rollins’ book Hallelujah during our morning meetings.
  • Following the adventures of the characters in Arnold Ytreeide’s advent books: Jotham’s Journey, Bartholomew’s Passage, Tabitha’s Travels.
  • Playing a different Christmas music CD every day in the early morning hours to help our household ease into the daily routine.
  • And always, always, lighting the advent candles.
Several years ago, I was inspired to create my own rustic version of an advent wreath centerpiece using items I gathered from around the house. From my kitchen cabinets, I pulled out a bronze-colored tart pan with fluted edges and arranged five 4-ounce clear glass canning jars inside. Into each jar, I poured some Epsom-salt snow and placed a tea light candle.
I tied purple craft twine around three jars, pink around one jar, and white around the center jar to attach the following Latin labels:
1. Spes (hope)
2. Caritas (love)
3. Gaudium (joy)
4. Pax (peace)
5. Christus (Christ)
And in between and around the jars, I nestled fragrant evergreen trimmings snipped from the wreath on our front door, as well as small pinecones, and decorative berries from wreaths of years past. I loved it so much that now I re-create it every year!
Now that I’m only homeschooling the youngest two of my four children (ages 13 and 15), I’ve been looking for some new advent ideas. I think I’ve settled this year on reading through Henry van Dyke’s The Story of the Fourth Wise Man, as well as studying the history of a selection of Christmas carols.
And, of course, we’ll set up our centerpiece and light our candles each day.
Adventus! It’s almost time. Are you ready? Author: Sonya Hemmings 

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Grab the pdf of the Advent schedule in the group to print out and then keep it on the fridge for easy reference and reminders!
Hope to see you there!
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