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Copywriting 101 | High School Entrepreneurial Series

Copywriting 101 | High School Entrepreneurial Series

Copywriting 101 | High School Entrepreneurial Series

You’ve got it! You created that million-dollar idea, product, or service you know will succeed! What now?? You need to sell it!

Copywriting 101 is a semester-long, half-credit course in True North Homeschool Academy’s Entrepreneurial Series.

In this course, you will learn persuasive writing, storytelling, and sales techniques that are crucial for effective copywriting. Creating compelling text, learning basic design elements, and exploring tools for brand communication will round out your study as you produce digital and print copy.

At the conclusion of this course, each student will be armed with a professional digital copywriting portfolio demonstrating newly acquired skills to share with potential clients, employers, or college admissions personnel!

Start now to grow your business through effective copywriting or prepare for the best writing jobs in advertising, media, and commercial communication! Aspects of copywriting that will be covered include: defining copywriting, selling versus educating, and understanding the AIDA model of professional copywriters.

We will learn various persuasion techniques and the art of effective storytelling. Grammar will not necessarily be the focus of this course, but students will practice and demonstrate a command of correct and appropriate grammar; it is imperative to effective copywriting!
Students will learn about branding, basic design elements and techniques, and more!

Writing with Confidence

Writing with Confidence

Writing with Confidence

Course Title: Writing with Confidence

Full Name of Teacher: Angela Ferrell

Semester or Full Year: Full Year

Age Group/Grades: 9th-12th grades

Day:  Wednesday

Time: 2:00 PM CST

Class Description: 

Writing with Confidence is a year-long one-credit course that counts toward required high school-level language arts. This college preparatory English writing course is well-suited for upper-level High School students, as they will be undertaking an in-depth research paper as the culmination of their coursework. This skill is essential for students who plan to attend post-secondary education, especially those pursuing careers in the sciences, research, writing, law, the humanities, or any field requiring exemplary writing skills.

Students will explore the craft of writing, beginning with a review of the introductory five-paragraph essay, advancing to a compare and contrast paper, and culminating with a scholarly research paper. Guided by the instructor, they will investigate research methods, such as how to locate reliable sources and avoid plagiarism, along with proper use of academic writing formats like MLA and APA. The course will foster proficiency in essay organization, style, and mechanics that will carry into their educational and vocational futures. Along with building writing skills, this class emphasizes the importance of diligence, initiative, and critical thinking, all essential life skills.

The lion’s share of students’ grades will come from completing their weekly writing assignments, which progress from outline to essay, so the workload varies from light to moderate to heavy depending on the week. There will also be semester-end presentations.   Access to the world wide web for basic internet searches, proficient typing skills, and a cursory understanding of word processing software such as Google documents is a prerequisite.

Required Resources: 

  •  TNHA Writing With Confidence Study Guide 
Writing Bootcamp- Summer

Writing Bootcamp- Summer

Writing Bootcamp

Writing Bootcamp will Elementary through Jr High Students the opportunity to hone their understanding of how to write a Key Word outline from a source text.

  • Week 1 Students learn to develop a Key Word Outline (KWO) and write a simple paragraph
  • Week 2 Students create a fused KWO and paragraph
  • Week 3  Student create a fused KWO paragraph 1 of a 5 paragraph paper
  • Week 4 Student create a fused KWO & 2 out of a 5 paragraph paper
  • Week 5 Students create a  fused KWO & 2 our of 5 paragraph paper.
  • Week 6 Students write an Introduction & Conclusion to a 5 paragraph paper

Writing Bootcamp students will gain confidence and mastery in this 6 week summer session as they learn to write a simple 5 paragraph essay based on the ever popular IEW system. Beginning with the Key Word Outline, students are gently guided through a step-by-step process that allows them to quickly and efficiently tackle the ever important 5 paragraph essay structure.

Pair Writing Bootcamp with Poetry Essentials, Study Skills, Conversational Fun with Spanish or Latin Bootcamp I or II for 6 weeks of Academic exploration and fun!

Writing Skills: Narnia 2

Writing Skills: Narnia 2

Writing Skills: Narnia 2

Narnia II

Learn advanced writing skills while exploring the enchanted land of Narnia through the Structure and Style® writing method!

SIxth through ninth grade students are invited to continue the adventure with the remaining four novels of The Chronicles of Narnia® (Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, and The Last Battle). Students will learn advanced writing skills while exploring the enchanted land of Narnia through the Institute for Excellence in Writing Structure and Style® writing method.

  • The student workbook – Following Narnia Volume 2: Aslan’s Country – includes all students need for this course: complete reading assignments from the novels, source texts on related topics, writing checklists, word lists, student samples, and more! 
  • Weekly live classes will be spent introducing composition concepts, grammar, and advanced writing techniques. Together, we will read and discuss Narnia texts and literary analysis. Students will be responsible for completing weekly writing assignments.
  • Students will learn techniques to dress-up their writing, vary their sentences, and insert advanced literary elements to create high-quality papers using MLA formatting while engaging their readers. Students will practice creative writing and various academic composition models.

Required Materials:

Following Narnia Volume 2: Aslan’s Country 

Each student will need access to the Narnia books as they will be directed to read one or more chapters with each lesson in the Following Narnia Volume 2 student book. 


Writing and Grammar-Narnia (Narnia I) or a previous IEW writing class such as Writing 4: U.S. History, or Writing 5: Modern World History is highly recommended.  Narnia II would compliment any of TNHA’s various religion courses such as Old Testament History, New Testament Survey,  and Heroes of the Faith,