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We Don’t Buy into the Same Old Same Old

We don’t buy into the same old, same old.  Relying on outdated materials and methods can stifle innovation and engagement. Embracing new technologies and teaching strategies ensures that education remains relevant and exciting. At True North we utilize the SAMR Hierarchy of online education as well as gamification, Socratic Discussion and more to keep interest level high and student learning optimal.

Time Tested Educational Pedagogy

On the other hand, you won’t find us throwing out time tested educational pedagogy. You know, teaching in a way that actually works. While innovation is important, there’s value in retaining effective elements of time-tested pedagogy. Blending the best of both worlds can create a balanced and impactful learning experience. True North homeschool academy teachers are constantly working to find great curriculum and classroom experiences that reimagine education for students’ progress and benefit. 

Utilizing Technology to Reimagine Education

You won’t find a lack of classroom interaction, In the digital age, classroom interaction has taken on new forms. Virtual discussions, online collaborations, and interactive platforms can enrich the learning experience beyond the traditional classroom! Students around the world work collaboratively on projects together, create and deliver presentations, and solve problems collectively. They’re learning real world skills that will set them up for future success!

Faith Based, Creative Educators

You won’t find former public-school teachers who are fed up with teaching, distrust parents and are burned out on student interaction.  Our teachers are faith based, creative educators who have homeschooled or worked in alternative education and love nurturing a positive learning atmosphere for each student. We require videos on so that we can get to know each and every student by name to provide a wholistic learning environment geared to personal and academic success. 

Variety of Assessments

Speaking of innovation, you won’t find dry and dusty assessments limited to quizzes and tests.: Relying solely on one type of assessment can hinder a holistic understanding of a student’s capabilities. Embracing diverse assessment methods can better capture a student’s true potential and skills so you’ll find our teachers using a variety of assessments, including quizzes and tests as well as papers, projects and presentations, group projects, escape rooms, challenges and more!  

Educational Freedom

At True North Homeschool Academy we don’t put up with mind numbing conformity. We believe in educational freedom that allows for parents and students to determine what fits best with their family, schedule and lifestyle. That’s why you can choose ala carte classes or choose a full program, purchase live online classes, or self paced, connect with one of our experienced educational coaches or purchase our helpful diagnostic test. 

People of the Book

At True North Homeschool Academy we are people of the book, committed to a decidedly Judeo- Christian point of view. Teachers, students and families commit to an Honor Code that provides a milieu of mutual respect and a firm foundation to ensure optimal learning and growth. 

So, while we’re different than other online class providers, it’s a difference that you can count on. True North Homeschool Academy is your trusted academic partner.

Enroll today, classes begin the week of August 28!

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