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Learn & Grow Together!

True North Homeschool Academy offers high school classes that are LIVE online and interactive.

High School Classes Online

Online Classes Make High School Less Intimidating

Homeschooling high school may seem overwhelming. Online classes with True North Homeschool Academy’s experienced teachers can ensure that your student gets the benefit of their expertise all from the comfort of home. As the parent, you can rest assured that you are still in control of your child’s education.

Reaching Goals Together

High school aged students will enjoy opportunites to interact with others. They will learn teamwork by participating in group projects and independence as they learn with the group – all with the leadership and guidance of our teachers. Our mission is your success!

Services You May Also Be Interested In

True North offers homeschool advising with a number of focuses including special needs high school students, students whose goal is to gain sports scholarships and academic advising. Advisors help you create and hone your homeschool transcript to optimize your child’s opportunities.

Academic Advising


Academic advising equips parents and students with a personalized plan including tutoring or guidance for testing, career, special needs as well as help with creating transcripts, grading, test prep, and more.

High School Questions Answered


Students attending classes with True North Homeschool Academy have a lot of options which can lead to questions. Click above to learn more about how to get started, what fees are required, how to schedule etc. Or click the button below to complete a detailed inquiry form and have someone contact you.

Standardized Testing


The Performance Series of tests is standardized testing for homeschool families who value their freedom and quality education. K-12 testing includes a personalized follow-up with a True North Homeschool Academy advisor who will review the results with you.

High School Classes


Click on each class image to see the full description and class schedule. Most of these classes meet from August 30, 2021, to May 6, 2022, but some may be single semester classes.

  • homeschooling high school bootcamp

    Don’t Panic! Plan! High School Boot Camp Challenge

  • High School Homeroom

  • Sale! Biblical worldview self-paced class for homeschooled high school students

    Self Paced Biblical Worldview for High School

  • Academic Advising

    Academic Advising

  • national latin exam test prep

    National Latin Exam Test Prep

  • Junior Senior High Study Skills taught via live online class

    Junior/Senior High Study Skills

  • Civics

    Civics – One Semester

  • Biblical Feasts and Festivals

    Biblical Feasts and Festivals

  • Old Testament History: From Adam to Nehemiah

  • Economics

  • Entrepreneurship

  • How to Study Your Bible: Biblical Genres live online class

    How to Study Your Bible: Biblical Genres

  • Graphic Design With Canva for homeschool students taught live online

    Graphic Design With Canva

  • How to Study Your Bible: Biblical Philosophy

  • Latin I

    Latin I

  • Earth and Space

    Earth and Space

  • US Geography

    U.S. Geography

  • Sale! Environmental Science taught live online with labs

    Environmental Science

  • Sale! TNHA Product Image HIgh school Composition class for struggling high schoolers

    Organizing Your Writing

  • Sale! World Literature and Composition taught live online for homeschoolers

    World Literature and Composition

  • Sale! U.S. Literature & Composition - Judicial Essay

    U.S. Literature & Composition – Judicial Essay

  • Sale! TNHA high school class formal logic for home schoolers

    Formal Logic

  • Sale! TNHA Life Skills 101 online high school and junior high class

    Life Skills 101

  • Sale! TNHA Product Image Art Class Form & Color High School online class

    Form and Color

  • Sale! TNHA Personal Finance Course for High School Homeschoolers

    Personal Finance

  • Sale! Jane Austen & Emily Bronte - Full-Year Course - live online class

    Jane Austen & Emily Bronte – Full-Year Course

  • Sale! high school medieval literature course live online classes

    Medieval Literature

  • Sale! Pre-Calc and Trigonometry live online class for high school

    Pre Calculus and Trigonometry

  • Sale! high school calculus online class for homeschool student


  • Modern Hebrew I

    Modern Hebrew I

  • high school Biology for homeschool families through online classes


  • Biblical Hebrew I

    Biblical Hebrew I

  • Latin II

    Latin II

  • Informal Logic

  • Career Exploration taught live online for homeschoolers

    Career Exploration

  • TNHA Product Image Biblical Hebrew II Updated 2021 copy

    Biblical Hebrew II

  • Hebrew - Modern II

    Hebrew – Modern II

  • Online Algebra Program directed by a teacher

    Algebra I

  • Spanish I

    Spanish I

  • True North Homeschool Academy High School Physics Class with Labs taught by Dr. Moon


  • TNHA Product Image Chinese Language learning level one online course

    Chinese Language – High School Level One

  • Online live classes for high school students of True North Homeschool Academy - Spanish 2 - Red Headed Girl Reading a Spanish Book

    Spanish II

  • American History in Films

    American History

  • Online live high school French class for homeschoolers

    French I

  • German I

    German I – An Introduction to High School German

  • TNHA Product Image Anatomy & Physiology with labs online class for high school

    Anatomy and Physiology

  • Geometry


  • Algebra II

  • Middle school or Junior High Students who want to be challenged may also join this high school level class.

    Photography & Digital Technology

  • TNHA Apologetics online class

    Introduction to Apologetics

  • Speech & Rhetoric live online class

    Speech & Rhetoric

  • Online German Class at True North Homeschool Academy for High School Level Intermediate German

    German Two – Intermediate German

  • TNHA Product Image Chinese Language learning level two online course

    Chinese Level Two – High School


    Video Editing Basics

  • TNHA Literature and composition class Mystery Writing for high school

    Who Dun It – Literature and Composition


    World Geography – Full Year

  • TNHA Online Class in High School Spanish

    Spanish III

  • Dystopian Reading and Composition taught live online for homeschoolers

    Dystopian Reading and Composition

  • American Sign Language 1 taught live online for homeschoolers

    American Sign Language 1

  • Astronomy taught live online for homeschoolers


  • French - Level Two taught live online for homeschoolers

    French – Level Two

  • Health - High School taught live online for homeschoolers

    Health – High School

  • Spanish 4 taught live online for homeschoolers

    Spanish 4

  • World History of the 20th Century taught live online for homeschoolers

    World History of the 20th Century

  • Medieval World History taught live online for homeschoolers

    Medieval World History

  • High School Spelling and Grammar online course

    High School Spelling and Grammar

  • Psychology


  • Sale! Executive Functioning Skills live online class for homeschoolers

    Executive Functioning Skills

  • Adapted English I

    Adapted English I

  • Adapted English 2 live online class Adapted English 2 for struggling learner homeschoolers

    Adapted English 2

  • Economics taught live online for homeschoolers

    Politics, Philosophy and Economics

  • Adapted Bundle for struggling learner homeschoolers

    Adapted Bundle

  • Senior High Six Class Bundle



What People Are Saying…

“We are so thankful for your online academy. This year has been an answer to prayer!” M.R.

“I wanted to write to let you know how thrilled we are with Jake’s Honors Biology teacher this year, Kristin Moon. It is our first experience doing a class this way and Dr. Moon has more than exceeded our expectations!” Teresa K.

“The civics class has blown my mind! I am absolutely impressed by every aspect of the class. He (Adam Pruzan) is a wonderful instructor.” Civics Student, True North Homeschool Academy

“Mr. Pruzan is seriously the best teacher ever.” Becky L.,True North Homeschool Academy Parent


“The teachers! All wonderful!” Katherine S.

“Cindy LaJoy has been a fantastic addition to the team of teachers working with my son. As a child who is on the spectrum, he has executive function and language difficulties that are very specific to him. Cindy goes above and beyond to tailor her communication style and educational planning to meet him exactly where he is. Under her gentle guidance, he’s gone from being a child walking into school in tears, to one who is organized and more confident to complete his lessons. As a full-time working mom, our homeschool situation would never have been possible without Cindy. I highly recommend her as a teacher.” Parent of a struggling learner


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